When I Grow UP?

Bestie has been throwing around that I have not grown up yet.  Once I was going to brush it off but twice i was like what no.   The truth is she is married and wants her husband to move up in ranks because he is in the air force.  I commend her for that but that is not me.  I could never join clubs with people I didn’t care anything about to boost my husband’s status.  I care too much about my own career and status.  She bakes for his office, which is cool but I am a more cake from the store gal.  I wouldn’t subject anyone to my baking.  So I just think we have two different opinions about what is grown up.  On another note I don’t think having a husband makes you ‘grown up’, because I know plenty of people who are married who are not grown.

Another truth for me is that I am having a hard time with people taking me seriously and am wondering is this another branch of someone not taking me seriously.  I don’t think I am Peter Pan.  I am not stuck in the realm of Never never land fighting pirates and Captain Hook.  I have taken significant steps to grow and be responsible. 


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