Solutions and Not Problems

I had written this post about how I was in a rut and woe is me but I decided not to. I am tired of being tired. I am tired of writing about the same old stuff. It sucks. And I can no longer eat my feelings.

I have a busy weekend. I might be working on Sunday and I might not be. It’s a long story. On a lighter note I have two things I am excited about. I am tutoring/mentoring on Saturday and I have a volunteer captains meeting for the Atlanta Film Festival. So the children who don’t have anything to do on Saturday I thought about printing out some worksheets for them to do. I think that might be a little pretentious but they don’t have anything to do when they come.

 I hope I can get into some films for the film festival! I know it’s going to be fun and a great experience. They haven’t listed the films they are playing but I am sure they are excellent. And I cannot wait until the Decatur book festival. I met Pearl Cleage last year.


One response to “Solutions and Not Problems

  1. I like the new look!

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