Featuring the Letter ‘A’

Below is my favorite things starting with the letter:

Picture of Letter A - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com

1. AMC Theaters.  Because that have $5 movies on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays before noon.  and special concession stand deals for movie watcher members.

 Studio 30 theater in Olathe, Kan. is one of many AMC theaters offering modern amenities like stadium-style seating.

2. Arden B.  It’s the Contempo Casuals of the 21st century.

See full size image



3. Art Journaling.

4. Anne Shirley:  she has such a big imagination plus she wasn’t common.  SHe was smart.

5. Apple Juice. I don’t know when I started really digging apple juice, but I like it.


6. Autumn.  I love the colors and the fact that it’s back to school time.

7. All My Children.  It’s my favorite soap and I think it always will be.

gown0004.jpg picture by daytimeconfidential

8. Anna Sui.

9. Amazon.com

10. ABC Family


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