My Dating Deal Breakers

          If you want me to eat at the back door.



          Guys with joint custody (dealing with other women and their children can be hectic)

          Addictions to gambling

          No chin drool

          High maintenance men

          Guy with no ambition


What’s some of your dating deal breakers.


2 responses to “My Dating Deal Breakers

  1. My deal breakers are:
    1. Guys that have any type of B O gross.
    2. If you annoy me within the first 15 min I’m done.
    3. Talking too much about themselves- over it!!!
    4. And anyone wospends either too much or too lttle time on their appearance. You can always tell.

  2. My dealbreakers are:

    Does not put enough time into his appearance
    Heavy smokers & drinkers
    Ordering dinner before I do
    Talking wayyyyy too much
    Talking about their ex

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