10 Ways I Can Make My Life Better

1.       Not taking things personally.  I have issues and so do other people.  Sometimes I take what people say and do too personally when I should just take it on face value.

2.       Sticking to a Budget.  I have let my money run away from me.  I need to control my money like I control my men, lol.

3.       Getting in shape.  Hello I have gained a lot of weight since the beginning of the year. I blame the hormones but whatever.  I need to work harder and maintain a decent weight.  Preferably be a size that can go shopping a teeny booper stores. (my dream don’t knock it)

4.       Stop worrying.  I am secretly worried about family members and not so much friends.  I want my mother to get a education and a better job.  I want my brother to get ambition.  I worry that she’ll always have to work extra hard and get paid nothing.  I don’t want my brother to be a bum.  Neither things I have control over, so I so need to stop worrying.

5.       Planning.  Planning for the future.

6.       Strengthening my graduate school applications.  I need recommendation letters from people I have worked closely with in the field.  I would like to get my GRE up.  Those are doable things that I am going to work on.

7.       Getting out of the house.  Meeting new people and doing things.  I like staying busy and it makes me happy.

8.       Organization.  Organize my office space and my bedroom.

9.       Declutter.  I think it’s different from organizing because I need to purge a lot of things before I organize.

10.   Live Life.


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