All that Jazz

I am so so tired.  I have been working since Sunday.  And in Atlanta we had a freak snow storm so I had to navigate through that.  When I got home though someone had cooked, which was great!  Spaghetti on a snowy day was awesome.

My Blackberry is out of commission.  I cannot release the details but the new one will be arriving Saturday.  For everyone who has sent me a message I will be returning calls on Sunday after I go see movies.

Another interesting thing that has happened is I emailed the library circulation desk at Georgia State University.    I got them to decrease the fine and also offer no fines if I return the book.  Hello somebody I am returning the book today.  Pray for my graduate school admissions.  I know I am praying.

I am really drained and a miserable person to be around right now, but that won’t last forever.  Everyone has weeks, days, or even years.

I hang out with the sisters this weekend.  Hopefully I get up someone to buy my potluck item.  I hope they like me, which is a silly thing to worry about.  I am a great person, so I am sure it will be great.  If I don’t get invited to anything else then I know, they just weren’t that into me, lol.


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