Interview with Fab Obesessed Blogger Margarita

I recently asked Ms. Margarita at  FabObessed, to do an interview and she said yes.  Below are the seven questions I asked and her answers. 

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1. What is your definition of fabulous? And what makes you feel fab?


Fabulous is not only a look, but a feeling. That feeling of confidence, the tickle of butterflies in your tummy when you see a shoe, it’s an inspiration in a new line, it’s flowers in bloom. I almost always feel fabulous, but when I am having a not so fabulous day I’ll pull out a pair of ridiculously gorgeous shoes and immediately feel it.



2.  What advice would you give someone about being fabulous?


Stop trying to fit in. Do everything for yourself. Pick out clothes that make you feel like a million bucks – they don’t need to be trendy, they need to be you. You look fabulous when you are truly being yourself, it shows in your smile, in your eyes, and in the energy you give out.



3. What are three events that defined your life?


Meeting my gorgeous lover, having a beautiful little girl, but I’m still waiting on the third… I have a feeling it will be coming soon, but I’m not sure in what form.



4.  What’s the best purchase you have ever made?


My YSL Tribute Tote. It was my easiest purchase also. Expensive but practical, gorgeous, chic, black patent leather, and large enough to throw anything into. I use it almost everyday and it always makes a statement.



5. How did you and your man meet?


I spotted my man across the bar in a nightclub and I knew I had to have him. And I did 😉



6. What are your daily reads?


There are so many, but it truly depends on my mood. My favourites are definitely Garance Dore’s blog and Jak & Jil Blog, for their inspiring photos especially. is always good to see the new lines. I’m also a fan of Atlantis Home, and her daughter Jane’s Sea of Shoes


7. What can your readers expect from Fabobessed in 2009?


More features, more fashion, more inspiration, and everything fabulous!





One response to “Interview with Fab Obesessed Blogger Margarita

  1. I so love the answer to number 5. Such girl power move, woman!

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