Weekend Plans

The weekend is almost here for me.  I am not as excited though because it feels like a marathon and not a sprint.  I am currently working or trying to work.  I have to push myself.  I love helping people but sometimes the work can burn you out.  I’m ecstatic that I have completed and sent in one graduate application, no I just have a couple of more schools to send things too. 

I am a little worn out but I’ll live.  My buddy wants to get rid of everything in its self, lol.  A part of me feels nausea.   At least my hair is staying my head and growing.  I get comments about everyday how thick it is or how it looks like a wig.

My plans for the weekend include volunteering.  Hanging out with my brother and one of my friends.  Getting my hair done, then I switch gears to working.  I sit at a table and pass out information on Sunday.


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