It Happened This Weekend

My weekend was filled with lots of chai tea lattes, which I am ecstatic about.  I had fun and I relaxed. 


·         Got up and went to Wal-Mart for a supposed job interview.  This meeting was set up through a friend of a friend.  Human Resources were not there, I let my Career Portfolio.  I am excited about getting a part time job, which means less time to eat and more standing time.

·         After that I went to Target to get my three discs Twilight DVD.  I love going to Target when it first opens.  I love the team huddle and everyone is always so helpful.  Bought more stuff too.  Saw a purse I like but didn’t get it.  Wish I had.

·         Went to San Francisco Coffee shop for the first time.  It was semi crowded for nine in the morning.  The coffee was mediocre; I could have taken more chai.

·         I was running on time for my tutoring session at Avondale High School.  There were a lot of kids there trying to cram extra things in for the high school graduation test.  Going over the book I tended to get upset because some of the language arts things they were testing on were bogus.  Figurative meanings of words are subjective.  And who has studied numerous language to get cognates?  I got one student who was mute, she didn’t want my help and she didn’t want to talk to me.  It was like talking to a brick wall, we were both relieved when she made up an excuse to leave.  I also helped with DBTs (Document Based Testing) for AP World Literature. 

·         I went home and put in my Twilight DVD and fell asleep. 

·         Lounged and ate chocolate brownie cookies, mini pizza, and old Mexican food from the night before.

·         My mother brought me a loose meat sandwich and a French silk blizzard.



·         I started ceaning my room which will be a monthly process

·         A friend called and I went out with him.  We ate at Shane’s BBQ shack and it was divine.  I thought I could just roll up in the sandwich.  They had me with the sauce, lol.

·         Went to Barnes and Nobles and had to devour the whole Elle Magazine with Reece Witherspoon on the cover.  I bought a chai tea latte with extra chai, which was delicious.




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