The Plans for the Weekend

I am ok.  I got hired at Wal-Mart for part-time work.  I’m going to make it to where it will not interfere with the fulltime job.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work but I know I will be working a good portion of my life so I have to give up that thought.  People think I actually like working.  Working is work.  Unless you are doing something you absolutely love.  I love helping people and creating things.  Now I have to make these two work for me.  I thought I could do clerical work but it’s not for me. 

As for my weekend, I will be in town.  In fact I will be working Saturday.  I will be providing testing to a church. 

Sunday is me day.  I am going to relax and enjoy myself.  I might clean if I feel like it.  I really just need to relax.  I bought latte mix so I will be sipping on that and hopefully watching my favorite movies.  I’ll pop in Sabrina or Twilight.


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