Goalicious- June 2009

7 Goals for June

  1. Save $400 dollars.  Totally doable.  Loving getting paid every week but I have to be realistic about the money.  Four hundred dollars in more than realistic.
  2. Exercise 30 minutes a day.  It’s a start.  It has to be more than mild stretching, lol.
  3. Apply to two more graduate schools.
  4. Make a budget. Eek.  I loathe budgets.  But to be financial savvy you have to have one.
  5. Plan. Make some contingency plans about my job, money, and school.  Don’t worry faithful readers I will share them with you.  I have plans for everything.
  6. Create. An inspiration book.  Visual inspiration.  I have the perfect book too.
  7. Purge. Go through my clothes and purge the ones I can’t fit or don’t want.  It’s a move in the right direction for limiting my stuff.

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