Things to Do

  • Modifying my budget, because I already wrecked the one I had for June.
  • Actually watching the things I am eating and working out.  I am going to participate in weigh-in monthly.
  • Thinking about the big “C”.  I mean do I still have cancer?  Or is it null and void?   Any who.  I am going to this dinner which I am scared about.  I thought I would be ok but it’s especially for people who are being treated for Cancer or who has been treated for Cancer at Northside Hospital.
  • Making plans about the future.  I want to move out and got to school.  I need plans just in case my initial plans don’t work out.
  • I hope I didn’t overextend myself this weekend with friends and family days.
  • I am looking for some delicious yet affordable pink Champagne, because I want to have it and chocolate this weekend.
  • I really don’t want to watch Twilight or a gay film this weekend.  I’m supportive of my Aunts lesbianism, but I want her to keep the movies to herself.  The L Word is cool but I don’t want to watch girl on girl action flicks.

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