Things is Three

… Places I’ve visited: Vegas, LA, San Antonio

… cars I’ve owned: 1999 Nissian Sentra, 2002 Honda Accord

…foods I love: Sushi, duck, rice

…jobs I’ve held: Cashier, McDonalds, Cashier Wal-Mart, and Prevention Specialist

…authors I love: Veronica Chambers, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephenie Meyers

…places I’ve lived: Germany, Atlanta, San Antonio

…favorite hobbies: listing, blogging, scrapbooking

…bones I’ve broken: teeth

…TV shows I watch: Greek, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, Being Erica

…favorite drinks: Water, Sweet tea, Ices Mocha Drinks

…fun board games: Cranium, Scrabble

…stores I could spend a whole day in: Target, Borders, and Sams

…chores I put off as long as possible: Washing dishes, straightening up my dresser, ironing

…chores I kind of like: recycling, decluttering


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