Where is your mobile phone? on the consol at home
Where is your significant other? don’t have one
Your hair colour? black/red. And cute all over

Your mother? working on her caddy
Your father? who knows
Your favourite thing? right now scrapbooking
Your dream last night? I was having a relations while someone was sleeping next to me
Your dream goal? higher education
The room you’re in? my office

Your hobby? scrapbooking
Your fear? not being good enough
Where do you want to be in 6 years? working on a doctorates and a family
Where were you last night? at second job
What you’re not?  flakey
One of your wish-list items? camera
Where you grew up? ATL
The last thing you did? testing
What are you wearing?  jeans, green tee, black shoes, and a gray sweater
Your TV? it’s not working, I don’t have a convortor
Your pets? None
Your computer? cracked screen
Your mood?  flips

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