Perfect Me?

I never thought I was a perfectionist because nothing is prefect in my life.  Truth is I am a perfectionist why try at all if it can’t be perfect.  Forget the means to the end, I want the ending.  My type of perfectionist wants people to think of me a certain way, perfect.  It’s the worst kind to have because people don’t even know that you are holding them as the judge, executioner, and jury.   This type is supported by subtypes, which are focusing on the negative and seeker of excellence.

Focusing on the negative means that I focus on what I don’t have and see all the bad things.  Optimist I am not.  So I am going to counter my negative thoughts with three positive thoughts, even though I want to more, I think I should start small.  It’s going to be hard for me to change my whole attitude on weight. 1. I know I can do it 2. At least I am contemplating change.  3.  It’s something I can do for me.  I’ve always said it’s a lifestyle change I am after.  So lifestyle changes take time.

Seeking excellence is my downfall.  The cup isn’t half empty or full for me, because I want the source of the water so I can dictate how much is in my cup.  I have to discover the things joy in things I am doing wrong.  This is going to be tougher, than I thought.  And I have to believe no one is perfect.  I knew I had something on you Beyonce.


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