I Just Don’t Know

I had a dream that I killed someone and up their remains under the desk in my room.  Me and me looked up this dream in the dream dictionary.  Of course it didn’t mean I was going to kill someone it meant a part of me was going.  A part of me that I didn’t like was being killed.  Which I sort of liked.  I don’t want to be a certain person and I am not going to be that person any more.  I don’t want to be stepped on or pushed around.  I don’t want to be the person who people think they need to lead, because I have my own compass and can find my own direction.  Other people’s direction isn’t that great.

I talked to bestie and she says that it isn’t fair that I switch up.  She said it’s great that I am evolving but I shouldn’t expect people to just know and accept the change.  I can’t just change the script when it was already confirmed.

On another note, there are lots of other things still up in the air.  I don’t know what to do with myself.

  • I don’t think I want to drive anymore.  I can’t afford to get into another accident.
  • My new contacts are bothering me to no end.  I feel like a vampire in them.
  • I think I’m parting ways with more friends than I can handle.

I’ve been praying a lot.  In the end all I can do is have faith

One response to “I Just Don’t Know

  1. sounds like your looking to get ‘clarity’ back in your life…it’s within you. you’ve never lost it to begin with.

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