Self Exam

Self Exam on Weight loss Struggles

BY Bob Greene

1.       What are you really hungry for?

Acceptance.  A social life.  Perfection.  I want to be smart and banging, the whole nine yards.  I want a career and a family, but everything seems to be on hold.  It seems like I have nothing going on for me.  It seems that my friends have their own lives and I get skirted out of them.  Everything that makes sense lies in a gallon of Edys or a large fry.  It’s comforting for a while.  I know that it’s a temporary fix, I’m not dense.  If you eat enough its comforting until you go to sleep or until the high wears down. I’ve always been a binge eater.

2.        Why are you overweight? 

I don’t want to put in the effort or the energy.  I would have to maintain the weight loss and I don’t think I could do it.  I would have to take ownership and I’m not ready to do that.

3.       Why haven’t you been able to maintain your weight loss in the past?

I lost focus and started old habits again.  It wasn’t convenient any more to go to the gym or maintain a certain diet.  In the past I didn’t eat much because I couldn’t afford to.

4.       What’s not working in my life?

My social life is nonexistent.  I haven’t kissed a guy in like four years,  let alone romantically talked to any guy.  Just a few crushes that crushed me.  My career seems to be dead end, I want to be in graduate school or doing something more creative or different.  I know  I am not one for the mundane now.  I can’t sit a desk all day and shuffle paperwork.

5.       Why do you want to lose weight?

Ultimately to be healthier.  And to look good in clothes and feel better about myself.


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