The Cookies or Getting Thinner

I am not struggling with weight loss because if I were I’d stand a shot.  Instead I am letting my weight control me.

Even now I want to leave the office and get French fries and a burger.  Yeah I had lunch but it was boring and failed to deliver.  Ok the truth is it wasn’t fried, ice cream, or dipped in chocolate.  Right now I am fighting the urge even though I want to just go for the door and my car.

It’s easy for me to be overweight.  I don’t have to work on it.  It’s all about indulgence, instant gratification.

I have plenty of motivations to lose weight:

  • My oncologist has strongly suggested it, even recommending gastric bypass.
  • I look at myself and think that I am sloppy.  I don’t even want to look at me naked how am I going to get a man to?

Those are just some.  And those should be enough but they’re not.  I rather eat than save my own life and feel good about myself.


One response to “The Cookies or Getting Thinner

  1. This totally sounds just like me. I’m sloooowly getting better and it’s getting easier though. I’ve only been trying to watch what I eat for about 6 -7 weeks, but still I have to resist the urge to “treat” myself or sit in front of the computer and eat chips… I wrote a post about it today actually.. if you’re interested you can check it out.

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