This is the bullet point of my life right now:

  • Seriously contemplating exercising. LOL.  I am slowly changes my eating habits, which if helping me save too.  But I am also contemplating Lapband.
  • I have an abrasion on my eye which cased a mini infection but it’s under control.  No direct sunlight.
  • I’m excited that I am going to be taking two classes at a community college to boost my GPA.  I need a stronger application, at least someone pointed me in the right direction.
  • I want a social life but I’m hindering myself from it.  I feel sloppy and slow, that causes me to sort of lose it.  Yeah break down and not want to leave the house or be with new people.
  • Saw Juile and Juila yesterday and it was awesome.  I so want to debone a duck and poach an egg.

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