Wednesday Weigh-In #2

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Hey readers I have something to admit.  My number was a little suspect to me, because I weighed myself at home.  I think I was delusional from all the oatmeal breakfasts.  I actually weighed 254 and not 245.  Yeah I freaked when I got back on the scale.  But you will be happy to know that I lost weight.  Yeah, even (So Clueless from the 90’s).

I still want to be 215lbs at the end of the year so I made adjustments for that.  I also bought a scale and workout video (since I loathe walking in the neighborhood where I live).

This week: 252.5 lbs

Pounds lost (or gained): -1.5 lbs

How many pounds left to lose: 37.5 lbs

Goal: 215 lbs

2 responses to “Wednesday Weigh-In #2

  1. Good luck on reaching your goals. Sometimes that scale plays tricks on us. You aren’t that far from your goal, so keep up the good work. Right now I’m blogging about my push to loose the last 49 pounds on my page. I have lost 81 pounds, but it still seems like the finish is so long off. I wish you the best!

  2. OMG! You’ve done great.

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