Sabrina Fair

Sabrina: He keeps me company.
Woman: You think so? Illusions are dangerous people. They have no flaws. I came here from Provence, alone, uneducated. For 8 months – no more than that – a year, I sat in a café, I drank coffee, and I wrote nonsense in a journal. And then somehow, it was not nonsense. I went for long walks and met myself in Paris. You seem embarrassed by loneliness, by being alone. It’s only a place to start.

Yeah, he’s an illusion alright.  I’ m love with the ideal of being in love.  Not heard first on this blog.  He keeps me warm at night, comforted.  But I think this illusion is hindering me.  I need more.  That’s me wanting more. LOL  His nonexistent touches aren’t enough.

Who is he?  This week it’s Zach, whose taller than me.  He wants kids as much as I do and his mother loves me.  His kisses are sweet and we take many staycations.  Me and his sister bicker but all and all we get along.  He knows I’m complicated and I know he’s trustworthy.  But he’s not real.

Any who just thoughts.

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