little girl

When is the age that you stop feeling like a girl and start feeling like a woman.

As we all know I’m not where I want to be. Yeah I am heading in the direction but I want to be the hare in all of this. I know the tortoise won. I just want my glamour now!

I don’t want to be the side kick, I want to be the headliner. I’m more than this artsy geek girl people seem to think I am. I can be sexy and cool. I know if you are you don’t have to say it! I want to be seen as sexy. I don’t feel sexy and I have criteria like most women. Whatever.

I don’t feel like a woman. Hell men see me as their mother or a stereotype of a mother. Hell I can’t even get pregnant by having sex.

I guess I want to feel like a sexy woman. Lol.

2 responses to “little girl

  1. You are what you feel!

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