My Meeting

My meeting with the nutritionalist went well.  She’s totally funny and relatable.  She shares my love for food which I feel I needed.  She talked about Mexican food like she had affairs with it. LOL.  Like my brief but hot marriage to a certain ice cream brand. 

I have an action plan.

  1. 1500 Calories per day.  I got her to go up from 1400 calories.
  2. Eat out for lunch 3x a week.
  3. 3rd time or more treat it like a nutritional plan. arrhhh.  This meals no fries.  Or a fries and no sandwich.
  4. Use the Calorie King book.  Which I got today.  Love it.
  5. Dinner.  Eat a balanced dinner which means half vegetables, a quarter meat, and a quarter starch.
  6. Snacks are to be less than 200 calories.

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