My 15 Top TV Shows

  1. Greek.  Oh, How I love sorority life.
  2. All My Children.  I love the drama.
  3. The Biggest Loser.  Gives me motivation.  I wanna lose weight and it helps me along the way.  Juillian and Bob are the best.
  4. Degrassi.  Because it goes there.
  5. Gilmore Girls.
  6. The City. It’s the the new Hills.  Only it’s surpassing it.  Everyone knows Kristen is sinking the show.
  7. Being Erica.  She’s everything my life represents.  I’d totally be her BFF.
  8. Millionare Matchmaker.
  9. The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
  10. Tru Calling.  Why did they cancel this show?
  11. Half & Half
  12. Oprah.  Yes, she’s overrated but I’m so addicted to her.
  13. My Fair Wedding.
  14. Tots and Tiaras.
  15. The Cold Case Files.  I’m suddenly obsessed with serial killers.

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