Yuck McYuck Yuck

I’m a cyper stalker, I want to know what people are going (i.e, Ex colleages and ex friends).  One thing I realized is I need to stop comparing myself to others and I need to stop caring so much about what people think.  I really need to pump up the confidence and focus on my life.  Believe me my energy has been going every way but in a good way.

I need my energy to focus on me.  Yes, it sounds selfish (at least to me).  But I have a lot going on.  More than I care to share or work through, but I have to start putting the energy back on me in a positive light.  I need to shine, instead of  hitching a ride to a star.

This year has really been rough and I haven’t made any difficult decisions, but I wonder why I’m so freaking rutty sometimes (stuck in a rut).

I have a lot to think about and move past.  I pledged in 2010 I will live in the present, but I’m starting today.  Yes, right here right now.  Anything is possible.  I believe I can do it.

Now I have to go to bed, because I have a crazy last day of class.  😦  I’m sad about it, but it wasn’t the best science class.  I think t gave me something to do, something to strive for.  In the end, it’s my last science class ever.  I’m so not cut out to be a nurse.  I’m more of a social services gal.

One response to “Yuck McYuck Yuck

  1. Haha, we all go there. The first three paragraphs could so very easily apply to me also. It took one of those ‘what the hell am I doing? I’ve been stalking people for over an hour’ existential funk realisations to come to the conclusion that the rut I’m in will only be broken by looking to the future, not lingering in the past.

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