109 in 2009

What did I do?  What didn’t I do?


2.       Take more photos Pass, with my camera phone.

6.       Expand my vocabulary

7.       Eat more veggies  Pass.  I love salads.

8.       Go on a date with myself once a month  Pass, I always go out with myself.

10.   Learn a new craft Pass.  Mini book

12.   Get an Esty account

19.   Buy the next Season of Greek

23.   Really listen to people more. Yes, I’m trying.

32.   Follow up with every doctor’s appointment.  I have to.

54.   Get an eye exam

55.   Get new contacts

57.   Grow my hair out.  Still growing it out.  I want it past my chin.  Choppy bob.

66.   Participate in at least ten swaps

68.   Redesign my blog

 70.   Buy sexy panties.  I love my sexy panties.  It started with one and grew.

73.   Drink pink champagne.  Figured out I am not a champagne girl but I do love a good mimosa.

74.   Go to Trader Joes.  Different than I expected.

88.   See New Moon the Movie


 1.       Buy a camera .Lost job and my dream of a decent camera.

3.       Buy a new laptop Failed.  Got my old laptop fixed.

4.       Have something festive for a New Moon Movie Failed.  It was just me.  I bought some decorative plates.

5.       Finish what I start  Failed.  I should have made it measurable.

9.       Start a morning ritual

11.   Sell something on esty.

13.   Learn to make five interesting salads. I’ve found a couple I like but not five.

14.   Cut television time.  Since I have been cut from my job, I’ve watched a ton of television.

15.   Buy an apron

16.   Do twenty spiritual exercises/readings

17.   Buy five basic tee shirts/camis.  I’ve bought some shirts and camis but none are basics.

18.   Cook something for Thanksgiving

20.   Watch Seasons 1 of the Tudors.   Not interested in them anymore

21.   Watch Season 2 of the Tudors

22.   Take myself to Rathbuns on my birthday

24.   Host a brunch

25.   Gat a passport

26.   Read 101 books

27.   Fill 10 art journals

28.   Cook at least twice a week.  Cooked more but not twice a week.

29.   Walk 20 minutes a day

30.   Only see $5 movies

31.   Write in my journal everyday

33.   Buy a bed

34.   Buy a dresser

35.   By a mattress

36.   Save up an emergency fund

37.   Save money to move out

38.   Minimalize

39.   Go to at least 6 therapy sessions

40.   Go one day a week without communication

41.   Call everyone once a week

42.   Do gratitude lists

43.   Lose 15 pounds

44.   Lose 15 pounds

45.   Lose 15 pounds

46.   Lose 15 pounds

47.   Drink 8 glasses of water a day

48.   Volunteer once a month

49.   Get personalized rings made of style statement

50.   Move into my own apartment

51.   Get into school

52.   Ask a guy out

53.   Get at least seven hours of sleep a night

56.   Get a pedicure

58.   Go to the beach

59.   Live the way I want to live

60.   Go on a road trip

61.   Go to the container store

62.   Pay my library fine

63.   Make 5 apologies I am hesitant to make

64.   Stand my ground on my decisions

65.   Complete a first draft of a book

67.   Sell 25 books on Amazon.com

69.   Take the Amtrak

71.   Be over gay men already (hello somebody)

72.   Exercise

75.   Join Theta Nu Xi

76.   Make my own cocktail

77.   Read about the Jewish faith

78.   Try out for Mensa

79.   Go see the Bodies Exhibit

80.   Create a designers coloring book

81.   Bring lunch to work more often than not

82.   Try Pilates

83.   Try a watermelon margarita

84.   Boost my self confidence

85.   Read 15 minutes a day

86.   Write 15 minutes a day

87.   Stretch everyday

89.   Go to a festival

90.   Face a fear

91.   Make fie apologies I am hesitant to make

92.   Track my food

93.   Make frequent gratitude list

94.   Don’t try and fix everything

95.   Manage my expectations

96.   Buy a fancy pair of shoes

97.   Be honest with myself

98.   Look into my weight loss options

99.   Listen more

100.                        Get DVR

101.                        Don’t let my emotions rule me

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