2010 Goals/Resolutions

  1. Go to Miami with Bestie
  2. Go to D.C. with mom
  3. Go to Savannah with auntie
  4. Update my wardrobe
  5. Try 5 new resturants
  6. Rathbuns a must
  7. Cook duck
  8. Move into my own place
  9. Buy necessary furniture
  10. Get rid of old furniture
  11. Organize scrapbook things
  12. Eat outside
  13. Spa Day
  14. Try pilates
  15. Try yoga
  16. Go to the nutritionalist four times this year
  17. Get a general doctor
  18. Buy a huge cake for my birthday
  19. Learn new binding techniques
  20. Create 12 new mini books
  21. write in my journal everyday
  22. Blog everyday
  23. learn three new skills for a career
  24. Do 120 hours of community service
  25. Start an emergency fund
  26. Reinvest in my 401K
  27. Save to move
  28. Contribute to my Roth IRA

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