Repeating the Days

I’m getting caught in a waiting game and I hate waiting.  I waiting on getting a job.  I’m waiting on moving out.  I’m waiting to start my life.  Everything keeps repeating like a broken record.  Since I lost my job I have made leaps and bounds as far as getting some things done.  But it’s nothing like actually having a job.

And my friends. God, my friends.  Everyone has their own lives, not that I want them to sit around in a box and wait for me, but damn.  I feel desperate and alone.  They don’t even invite me out.  It’s like I’m chopped liver or something.  I just don’t know how to continue or am I just losing my mind?


2 responses to “Repeating the Days

  1. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. I really know how you feel about waiting – it’s the worst part of the job search, but before an offer there must be the wait! As for your friends, maybe they are mindful of your financial situation and don’t want to invite you to expensive things? If you miss them, there’s nothing wrong with throwing a party and inviting them over for some cheap entertainment. That’s what I do now that I’ve cut back on dinners out.

    Best of luck and here’s to hoping something will come through for both of us!

  2. Thanks I never thought of it like that.

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