My Day

It’s been an interesting Monday.  Everyone knows I very much dislike the weekend due to my working like 16 hours.  😦

Today I spent most of my day at the unemployment office with a ton of other people.  There was so many people there was people sitting outside.  I was there a little over three hours.  I spilled my perfume all over the contents in my purse and my pants.  So it wasn’t pleasant for the people sitting around me.

I watched Super Size Me, which is a little depressing.  I worked at McDonalds for six years and it’s like wow.  I barely eat at McDonalds now because it’s a waste of money and calories.  maintaining a weight is hard. 

I have to keep hope alive.


One response to “My Day

  1. I found supersize me to be depressing and extreme as well. If you don’t eat there all the time and just grab the occasional burger or fries you wont get like that at all.

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