March 2010 = Decluttering

The theme for March is Declutter.

I saw it on the cover of O Magazine and had to make it my theme.  I am moving forward with a lot of things in my life which means letting go of some things.  Mentally letting go of the past and not harping on mistakes.   

On another note, cleaning out my bedroom.  For the few people who have entered my shrine, now it’s a mess.  Yes, I put it bluntly.  My bedroom is a mess.  Most creative geniuses have messy bedrooms.  But alas my living situation is not going to change for at least six months so I have to make some changes in my current situation.  Mostly bedroom set is leaving.  It was a really cheap set and is taking up unnecessary space.  This includes my bed too, which is twin size.  I’m upgrading to a full.  I already have purchased the mattress and bed and bedding wear.  I’m excited.   I have also purchased a couple of things to help organize.  If there isn’t a place for it, than it has to go.

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