He Cares and other random things

Since the guy I have a crush on has come back to work we’ve been chatting.  Last night was a turning point because I found out he cared what I thought about him.  We had conversations about his goals and the future.  It made me giddy like a school girl.  Then I think maybe I’m not down with him, but who would care what anyone thinks?  I don’t know.

On another note, I was able to put in my contacts.  Yay me.  I didn’t realize how much eye sight effects your balance.  Three weeks without the right eye, one doctors appointment, and one referral later my eye is back in action.  And I am loving it.  I am grateful for my eyes.

School starts next Monday and I have to figure out how to get there.  I now it’s off Cobb Pky but I think I’m going to go super early to make sure I know exactly where it is.  Can you say excited?  There is one book that I have problems reading, I’m going to pray on that one.  The book is about policy and theory which sucks.  Theories always throws me, I think I just have to battle it.  (Reference: Like Harry Potter and He Who Must Not Be Named.)

I’ve also been thinking a lot about vacations.  I do need a job to go on vacation, but I’m planning all the same.  Within the next 12 months I will be going to London, England and Orlando, Florida.  Excited.


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