Here’s What You’ve Missed, LOL

  • Graduate school is a lot of work and reading.  Everything is going by super fast no wonder you only meet one day a week for class.  I am trying to pull everything together, two classes is more than enough. 
  • I have to send my notes for a group presentation to my other partners.  I feel like it’s not as good as it could be but I am going to send what I have.
  • My financial aid has not come through yet.  I need the refund to pay back money I borrowed from friends, buy other school books, and get my new laptop.  Plus I want to pay off two bills with this money.  I am becoming impatient.
  • There is a new Pinkberry near the campus.  It’s the only Pinkberry in Georgia.  I am so going when I get the money and the chance.
  • My bff is going through a horrible time right now.  I’m praying that she is going to make it through.
  • I want to restructure my blog and my life.  I want a job.  I want my own apartment and I want to travel.

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