Things That Happened This Week

  • My bff got $1,200 stolen from her, by family members.  It’s easy for me to advice her to call the police, file a report, and get her money back.  I know she’s wondering why her family is doing this to her.  I can’t help wanting her to stick it to her family members, because they shouldn’t have done it.  One of the members is in the army and my bff is afraid to get her into trouble.  Problem is she got herself into trouble by collecting the stolen funds.  In the end all I can do is support my friend in whatever decision she makes.
  • A college friend of mine is pregnant with her second child.  It wasn’t a surprise but it was.  I’m happy for her but she always makes me feel bad.  She compares us to each other and it gets akward.  I don’t know how to handle the situation because it contiually arises.
  • The tree in front of our house fell into the road.  911 was involved and it was hard for the neighbors to manuveour around the tree in the middle of the road.
  • Saw the new Drew Berrymore movie and it sucked.

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