What I Am Feeling Right Now

I like laying in bed on cold crisp days while reading a good book and drinking good beverages.

I don’t like cramps and unsual pains.  And I don’t like infections, I really do not like infections. The infections I get, I just have to wait them out.  Oh and I get billed for medications and doctors visits.

I love feeling loved and appericated. 

I dream of getting a good job with good benefits and moving out on my own.  I dream I live in a faboulus apartment cue Carrie’s apartment from Sex and the City Movie number one.  Girly and hard wood floors.

I wonder when the economy is going to pick up.

I know I can do somethings differently in my life.

I went to sleep several times today.

I have a lot of notebooks and books.  I love journals and sketchbooks.  I am an artist.

I think that things are going to pick up for me.  I think I will have a job before the year is up.  I think I will have my own apartment before my birthday is over.

I plan to relax during my school break.  I plan to read, relax, and plan for the semester.  I plan to plan.

I regret that I did not fully plan for being laid off.

I do not work out, I need to but I don’t.

I drink fruity drinks, both alcholic and non alchololic.  I’m starting to drink more water.

I wish I had more money.  Money cushions things.

I am strong.

I am not a coward.

I need a job.

I hope everything really will turn out alright.

I want a job.


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