Like OMG!

  • Just found out some frightening news about this guy that I liked.  Turns out he killed someone and is still going to court over this stuff, it happened in 2007.  I’m so scared.  It’s weird and freaky and yet the story of my life.
  • I’ve been sleeping a lot.  A whole lot.  Sign of depression I thought so, but it’s not. It’s a long story and too personal to reveal here.
  • I got picked to be a grant reviewer.  I think this will help to get my face in the community and it’ll be interesting to see how grants work.  I’m excited.  Our first conference call is next week, it’s the orientation call.  They are only paying for mileage and food though. 😦 
  • I got my new textbooks and they are different.  I am taking Public Personnel Administration and Economics for Managers.  I’m worried about the Economics class, a lot of new words and formulas.  A killer.
  • I am excited about putting my new techniques into practice in regards to paper writing.  I am letting my mother proofread my paper.  I think it’ll be fun.
  • I am trying to be light-hearted about things, because sometimes I feel I can come to the wrong conclusions.  But I be damn if those people at my job aren’t shady. LOL.
  • I had a breakthrough with my mother.  I think I am ready, ready to be set free.  Ready to live alone, I think it’s coming to a point where God is going to give me the tools to get another job.  My mother said she use to laugh at me when I said I couldn’t see, but then one day she saw me cross the street.  She said that I has really hesitant and it took me forever, and she said that she really felt bad because she felt she never took care of me.  Then she admitted she cried.  I felt bad and I hugged her.  I hugged her.  I felt bad because she didn’t know.  People usually don’t know how bad something is until they face it and see it with their own eyes (no pon intended).  I never knew she saw me that day, I never knew my mother saw me at all then.  I’m being a life long bond with her now.  I really love her, really love her!

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