• My brother is getting things in order to leave.  He’s working my nerves, acting like a baby.  He needs to take life by the reins.  Hell, I need to take life by the reins.  I just think he’s running from something only to run into something worse.  He owes me $78 dollars, which I want now!
  • BFF and me have been distant for a while, which I guess happens in time with friendships.  She’s going through a life changing struggle, which is what I gathered.  She’s been seeing this guy who makes her feel all the things her husband does not.  She wants to sleep with him (the guy who is not her husband).  I thinker cheaters are cheaters.  I think she wants me to be ok with it if she does.  And I am not ok with cheating.  Period.  So it’s whatever.
  • Feeling a lot better.  Gotta go to work tomorrow, which is blah.  I’m thinking about taking the management test, which somewhat equals defeat to me.  I have so much angst about it, but oh well I’m not getting hired.  I have always equaled what I did to my self-worth.  And so I feel low about what I am going to do. 😦
  • I just feel out of the loop lately.  LOL.  It’s funny, I am up on current events.  But I guess I mean life, hell I know I mean life.  Like I am supposed to be married with a child.  Damn, the recession!  Like that is to blame for how I feel.  It isn’t.  I’m losing it.
  • School start next week which will take my mind off of things.  I’ll have a lot less time to think about everything. blah.

2 responses to “Current!

  1. Do you think all of that stuff was hormones??? Because now it seems so very silly.

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