I’m not longer receiving unemployment and the state just told me.  It’s been about a month since I have received a check.  The checks helped out a lot.  I work part-time and it was supplemental.  Now I will only be taking $450 dollars a month home, at the most if I push management I could get $800 a month.  October is not looking promising because the place where I work has been looking dead and everyone’s hours has been cut. 

The only hope I have of keeping my car, which is my main concern.  Forget eating, gas, car insurance, and other things.  I just want to keep my car.  It’s the only thing independent of my family that I have.  I can go anywhere I want to. Without my car I would have to take Marta to work which means working during the day, because the bus in the neighborhood stops running after 11pm.

I go on an interview this week and that would be awesome if I get the job, because then I think I would be able to keep my car.  It would be great.  I’m not doubting myself in the situation but I know it’s competitive out there in the field.


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