The Longest Week Ever


  • Brother paid probation, which was a relief
  • Got a new laptop (I don’t know if I should have, but I needed a solid performer.


  • Got my hair done, first time in like two months.  Felt good.
  • Worked on Economics assignment #1
  • Went to work, blah
  • Got two stones
  • Got a call for an interview


  • $800 dollar eye exam which I owe money on.  Found out the my cornea have arteries or blood vessels growing on them which is not at all good.  I’m going back to wearing Gas permeable lenses.
  • Met up with a class mate about economics class
  • Cooked chicken and rice


  • Picked up my mother’s gift from the post office, my grand parents had been harassing me about it.
  • Helped my brother pack his stuff and dropped him off at the airport
  • Went with my mother to get her eye exam and then got temporary contacts
  • Watched Vampire Diaries with my Aunt
  • Stayed over on at my Aunts house
  • Worked on Economics Assignment until next day


  • Went to the bank
  • Found an interview shirt
  • Picked up my mothers birthday cake
  • Went on a very promising job interview
  • Mother’s Birthday
  • My bff/sister is pregnant!  WOW!

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