40 things in October 2010

1.       Had two interviews for jobs in the field of HIV

2.       My BFF/sister is pregnant

3.       My paternal grandfather died

4.       I have to make a decision on whether or not to go to my grandfathers funeral

5.       I ran around for a bachelorette party that I didn’t get to attend.

6.       I went to a party where after I left an orgy occurred, and has since been accused of participating in such activities

7.       Started watching True Blood

8.       I started my Economics of Managers Class and my Human Public Personnel Class

9.       I overheard someone I was ringing up talking about the CEO of the organization I got laid off from

10.   I had a life changing exam, which sent me into a frenzy because I they opened up my cervix until it was 8cm.  Gross for days!  I still feel violated.

11.   My mom had a birthday!  I got her a cake, ice cream, balloons, and a gift.

12.   I had an $800 dollar eye exam that I need to still pay on, because my eyes are messed up.  If we can’t undo the damage there is a strong possibility that I will go blind.  Yes, I’m scared.  But I have faith that it will all work out.

13.   I might have diabetes; I have to wait until November to find out for sure.

14.   My brother went to Germany

15.   An inch long nail went into my forearm

16.   The same nail attacked me again

17.   Had an aha moment (damn Oprah) in which I admitted to myself that I have true problems with public speaking

18.   Finally got my hair done after like two months

19.   Learned that I will no longer be receiving unemployment from the state of Georgia, which sucks and has left me desperate for money

20.   Did a countdown for the Harry Potter movie

21.   Looked into moving to Philadelphia and Birmingham

22.    Contemplating seriously what is next for me

23.   Found an agency to do a case study on

24.   Got a new laptop for school.  I need something that I can write a 150 page thesis on and it doesn’t give me problems

25.   Went off at work, had people worried and taking me to the side.  Sort of put me back into my place

26.   Had a seriously bloody eye and eye infection

27.   Went with my mother to get her eyes checked (so proud of her).

28.   Thinking about making a full size scrapbook

29.   Working on my Christmas minibook

30.   Found out that I don’t give a crap about short run cost analysis

31.   Read the “Mean Girls of Morehouse” article.  Interesting.

32.   Haven’t started my research proposal for my case study yet

33.   Trying to find a topic for my thesis

34.   Didn’t get to be a grant reviewer for the state, they decided to do them in house

35.   Enjoying Autumn

36.   Got my mom’s new phone, it’s purple

37.   Started a Whole Living challenge

38.   Stood my ground a lot in October

39.   Looking forward to the New Year!

40. Planning to see BFF/sister before the baby comes


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