It’s hard for me to say that I am grateful for anything, because I feel my life sucks right now.  Like I’m trying to dig myself out of a twenty foot hole.  Here is what I am grateful for anyway.

I am thankful for:

  • My mom.  She’s been a rock for me lately.  I have grown to admire her.
  • My bff.  She’s like the sister that I have, but we actually connect.
  • My aunt.  All hell Vampire Diaries night, even though I have to suffer through Nikita too.  Boo.
  • Fee fee. who has been a good friend and a great listener without judgement.
  • One of m neighboors who I am borrowing internet from at the moment, think you for not blocking me when I log on.
  • Having a job even though it tests my patience and my strengths.
  • Going back to school, I love learning.  I’m even surprised about how much economics I know. I’m fighting to get a B.
  • The people I feel who are constantly keep me down, I will keep trying.  In the end I will be on top of my game and not even playing yours.

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