Me Currently

  • I am happier today.  I don’t know where it cam from and honestly I don’t care.  I am optimistic about the future and I have decided to stay that way.
  • Bff is doing well, she’s in the hospital.  I always pray that things work out for her.
  • My brother is coming home today.  I loved the peace I got at home, now I have to be bothered.  I am living at home for virtually nothing, so it’s a small price to pay.  I want to move out by the way.
  • My stomach is still acting bananas. 
  • I have a lot creative things I am working on.
  • Freelance might be in my future.
  • Economics Assignment #3 is not going well and I do not want to write a 10 page paper on anything economics, but I have to.
  • I am still researching for my report on intrinsic motivation and management.

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