I have been thinking a lot about resolutions/goals for 2011.  I feel defeated by it, they seem like the same goals from last year and the year before.  Am I not working hard to reach my goals?  I don’t know.  I keep thinking of the message Pray Until Something Happens.  Should I make the same goals until they happen?  Are should I make brand spanking new ones?  The question comes up what do I want?  I don’t think I want a lot, but my family and friends seem to think I am asking for the moon.  They think I should be grateful for what I have.  And I am.  I just want other things, for things to be different.

I want:

  • My own space with no distractions
  • A job that pays well and where I am challenged and can move up
  • To go to new restaurants
  • Have money to hang out with my friends
  • To be licensed to counsel people and become like a life coach

Looking at it, none of these things are going to happen overnight.  I just want them.  I feel like I am looking through a store window, but I can’t buy anything in the store.  I can’t even go in the store because I cannot fall in love with anything.

I have some 2011 goals written down; I think I might keep them to myself.  So they won’t seem so concrete.


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