I want to be intriguing and sexy.  I want people to be attracted to me.  I want to ooze sexy.  Funny thing is now, that no one finds me sexy.  People see me as a mother figure, which I am not.  I think this is something I want to work on in 2011. 

I was thinking again about moving.  I know what goes into a move, and I know that I am broke.  Really beyond broke.  What would I move with? I know that I could get new doctors and new treatments.  I don’t know too many people in too many places.  Most importantly I want to be in my own space.  I want to a new person somewhere new.  Like going to college all over again.  I want to sparkle and shine.


2 responses to “Wannabe

  1. Who said mothers aren’t or can’t be sexy???

    • Not “mammys”? Or images of bigger women. I know lots of women who are mothers who ooze sexy. What I am talking about is a concept of mammy. Which we personally have dicussed.

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