Here’s What it is

How about I don’t want to type up my notes for class tomorrow.  I need to have it together though and under control.  We might be having class on saturday and I need to be on point.  I still don’t want to type it up.

 I am uncomfortable.  I just am.  I can’t sit comfortably.  I can’t see comfortably and it’s aggravating.

I have to work early tomorrow.  I don’t even know what I am going to bring for lunch.  I hope that I am not on register 1 or any other speedy register.  I would love to be on register 5 or something like that.  I love big buggies and ringing up on big registers.

My hair is a mess.  I have a frizz nap going on.  Don’t ask and I will not try to explain it.


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