Change Happpens

For a while I have been thinking about the past.  I’ve been thinking about it so much that I think it is hindering me.  It’s not a secret that I have been worried about money, but I have.  That gets me thinking about how I got to the place that I am now, which I guess isn’t important.  Because I am where I am.  Then I thought what are the positive things that have changed in my life. 

  • I got my computer screen fixed which had been broken forever.  You need a functioning computer to get a job.
  • I got a bigger bed, which helps with my sleep.  I have less sleepless nights.
  • I’ve gotten closer to my family.
  • I started a Masters in Public Administration program
  • I found out that I need to cut through the path and go directly to what I want
  • I’ve gone to an eye specialist and got contacts to where I can see better than I have in the past decade
  • Cultivated new friendships

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