The Past

Yep, still thinking about the past. Why am I such a dweller?  I am not just thinking about the big paycheck, I’m thinking about people too.  I am thinking about hanging out and discovering new restuarnats and visiting favorites.

I know things change for a reason, but change sucks at times.  I feel lost and I have been feeling that way for a long times.  I need a big change.  And I’m tired of people saying your times will come.  And your path is different.  My whole life all I wanted to do was fit in.  Even among my friends I stick out like a sore thumb.

My Bestie is married to a good guy and they are expecting their first child this Spring.  I love her like a sister and I am happy for her.  I just wish I was in the same place as her.

I’m like the last single girl and I am fat.  I cannot focus on anything and my life is in a continual rut.


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