Oh thy Borders

Borders has filed for bankruptcy.  Late last year they were looking to buy Barnes and Nobles, who was in bad shape.  Borders has decided to close more than two hundred stores nationwide.  One of my favorite Borders near the school that I attend is closing.  It’s sad because the Borders symbolized hope for me.  Hope that things would get better and that I could have an equal life to the one I had before.  A life where I didn’t have to choose what bills to pay.

I fear bookstores will soon be extinct, due to ereaders and the recession.  Who wants to purchase books when they can borrow them at the public library for free?  I wouldn’t want to order a book off-line, it’s just something about being in a space with a billion words and a billion opinions that relaxes me.  I rarely relax.


2 responses to “Oh thy Borders

  1. You forgot the rise in illiteracy!

  2. Also, this is a beautiful sentiment. Viva la paperback!!!

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