There is so much I want to do and I need to do.  Everything is different from two years ago and two years from now everything is going to be different again.  I am sitting in my bff’s dining room trying to work on my graduate school paper topic.  Something that will not be due until December 2011.  I just want a head start.

I also need to really get on the job hunt.  I have decided not to apply to assistant jobs because I am not an assistant.  I am earning a Master’s degree and that counts for something.  So no, I cannot be anyone’s assistant.  I also want to try to volunteer and apply to social work schools.  I want to be a clinical social worker.  I do not know what population I want to serve.  I can tell you that I don’t want to service children.  I also want to tackle group work.  Maybe African-American women.  I want to dabble in life coaching techniques.

This upcoming week I want to really concentrate on applying to jobs and reading chapters for class.  I am determined to get two A’s this quarter.  I also want to finish my vision board that I started a year ago.


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