11:30- 8:30pm

  • Theme of the day I rocked.
  • I feel lucky to work next to crazy and nice people!  Who asked me about my trip and the baby shower.  People who I have taken for granted.  3709 crew you rock!
  • I told my manager I wanted to do something new.  She said there might be something coming up in customer service, it’s a pay raise so I agreed to take on the job when if it opened.  For a late night shift.
  • I am the only person who passed a test at work.  All the managers know.  I rock!  People are about to lose their job over what happened today.  I am the only person who passed!
  • I’m glad to be back in my bed!
  • I want to try the new Starbucks coffee.  I thought they would have it at Wal-Mart but they did  not.
  • It’s raining here, and I love it.  Something about the rain is so cleansing.
  • I left my phone at home all day.  My mother and my grandmother called, which is crazy.  Makes me think something happened.

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