The Shut Down Wasn’t Averted

  • Ready for a change.  For so long I have run from changed and despised change.  But I want it now, I’ll embrace it now.
  • I do want someone special in my life.  This is my tagline of the blog.  I just want someone real and someone who would love me for me.  It seems too much to ask.  And no old men.  Yeah I said it.
  • I;m still dreading my birthday, so much that I can’t even enjoy my Harry Potter movie which I got before the 15th.
  • Senate and Obama reached an agreement on a short-term bill.  But what about the rest of us, who aren’t cushioned by the government?  What about the people who have lost their jobs and can only get jobs barely making gas to get to this job.  What about them?

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